Workshop description

Contributions to this workshop should address four principal research questions:

  1. How can we conceptualise the influence of non-state actors on EU foreign policy?
  2. Which non-state actors play a role in the EU’s relations with partner countries in Eastern Europe and Central Asia, and what are their goals and interests?
  3. What level of influence do non-state actors yield on the EU’s policies, their development and implementation?
  4. What factors explain the level of influence of non-state actors on the EU’s policies, and/or under what conditions are non-state actors able to exert an influence on the EU’s policies?

We welcome contributions addressing these research questions from different conceptual, theoretical and methodological perspectives:

  • Single or comparative case studies assessing the role of non-state actors in the EU’s relations with specific (groups of) countries in Eastern Europe (EaP region plus Russian Federation) and Central Asia;
  • Case studies assessing the role of a specific type of non-state actor (e.g. business corporations, religious organisations) in the EU’s relations with countries in Eastern Europe/Central Asia;
  • Large-N studies which examine the role of non-state actors in the relations between the EU/member states and countries across the entire region(s);
  • Theoretical papers which address issues such as the definition/ conceptualization of ‘non-state actors’ role in (foreign) policy-making, the mechanisms through which non-state actors’ seek to influence decision-making processes, the theoretical conditions for their influence and/or the definition of concrete indicators to measure the level of ‘influence’ of non-state actors on (foreign) policy.

We welcome in particular contributions focusing on the role of non-state actors in the EU’s policies towards partner countries in Central Asia (Kazakhstan, the Kyrgyz Republic, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan), and papers addressing the role of religious organisations (e.g. the orthodox church, christian charities, etc.)

For additional information, please do not hesitate to contact the workshop organisers.